Record 3 things that you didn’t k now or where interesting in the movie

How did we reach Australia?
· 30 degrees in mango
· Aborigines thought that the footprints were from the forefather from the dream time
· 20000 years ago it was much watery in Australia
· How old is mango man- 40 thousand or as much as 60 thousand
· It was surprising that they experienced a super volcano and they came back to live there.
· The Semanga never moved like other tribe/families
· There really are things such as hobats- though some people believe not
· They used leafs for paint brushes
· By painting they past down history from years past
· All human originally came from Africa

Mongo man!!

Lake Mungo is a dry lake in south-western New South Wales, Australia. Many important archaeological findings have been made at the lake, most significantly the discovery of the remains of Mungo Man, the oldest human remains found in Australia, and Mungo Lady, the oldest human remains in the world to be ritually cremated.
What I learnrt: on this paragraph I learnt that they found mungo man in south-western New South Wales Australia but they still haven’t found mungo woman.


A University of Melbourne-led study has finally got scientists to agree on the age of Mungo Man, Australia’s oldest human remains, and the consensus is he is 22,000 years younger. Mungo Man’s new age is 40,000 years. The research also boosted the age of Mungo Lady, the worlds first recorded cremation, by 10,000 years putting her at the same age as Mungo Man. It is the first time scientists have reached a broad agreement on the ages of the Lake Mungo remains.
What I learnt: that mungo mans new age is 40,000 years old.


skeletons that had big-brows and thick-skulls, Mungo Man's skeleton was finer, and more like modern humans.
Aside from undermining the Out of Africa theory of evolution, Mungo Man also undermined other migration theories relating to human colonisation of Australia. Early theories proposed that the first humans in Australia were the "negrito" Tasmanian people, who were displaced by "Murrayans", who were in turn displaced by "Carpentarians". For ideological reasons, these theories gave way to a single migration theory that proposed that there was only ever one migration to Australia and all Aborigines are the descendents from that one migration. It was difficult to reconcile this theory with Mungo's skeleton. Although Mungo Man was.
What I learnt: mungo mans skelton was finer and looked like a modern human.